Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 5 2010, to La Paz

Pulled the hook up @ 7:45 in Hook Bay...and sailed and motored back to La Paz.  I set up the Mizzen staysail and polled out the Genoa...the main even went up at the end.  Not much wind...but when I motorsailed I got 6 knots, only 4.5 knots with the motor only.  We arrived @ 4 PM...hate that...the tide was coming in and we had a little trouble mooring.  I have included a shot up at the radar arch and the wind indicator/anemometer.


Blogger Steve and Lulu said...

So here we are. tootlin' around Marina de La Paz in the dinghy, when we spy a nice looking old wood yawl. Hmmm. Name is Noe Mar, out of Port Townsend. Suddenly Lulu says, "Wait! Isn't Noe Mar the name of Ken Scott's boat?" Sure enough, it is. Don't know if you're down here or back in Scott's Mills right now but the weather here is perfect: low 80s. In December!!! We finally made it.

-Steve & Lulu

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