Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 2010

We arrived to the Noe Mar on March 17th, opened up the dusty hatch, took out the diesel jerry cans, and the outboard motor. Now we can safely enter the cabin and store our belongings. OK, so let's get out the hose and wash her down (the Noe Mar, not my wife Candy...besides she would've really hosed me off if I even tried).

That was good, as Candy is putting things in order, I decide to fire up the Iron Genny...and so I did. The volvo hummed and ran nicely...then I picked up the rpm...OUCH! I couldn't get it to 1500 rpm. I shut it down, popped open the motor hatch, and looked inside. Looked OK, so I had Candy move the throttle lever ... all OK there, then I noticed that the original air intake on the Volvo Penta engine, was deteriorating. I unfastened the air intake pipe and sure enough the original air cleaner had disintegrated. I took the spring and foam off in the garbage container on my work bench (Yes, I have one, albeit small). I fired the engine up...and hooray she ran fine, so I ran it for a few minutes, to be sure that any foam that was sucked up into the engine was totally consumed.

I went to the local chandelier, Sea Mar, and no such luck, but they drew me a map on how to get to the Auto Zone store. Well, Candy and I walked for about 3-4miles and asked a lot of directions from helpful locals here in La Paz and finally found it. The clerk had lived in Kansas for many years (did he know Dorothy?) but came back to his home town, La Paz and now has a job. He was very helpful and the above picture is what we came up with. There is a hard plastic insert that is over the intake pipe (rubber with a steel insert inside it) and the filter is clamped onto that piece. The hard plastic is jammed down over the hose and fits tight over the steel insert. However, a "wee" bit O' duct one is heavier than the standard grey...and she purrs like a kitten. Job done.

You will notice that after I hook up my new Gateway laptop (I have 3 of them now, two will remain on the Noe Mar) and picked up the rose I always get, she is content and happy...Candy that is...not sure about the Noe Mar, since she is still at the dock.


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