Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nov repairs

November, 2008

Since we have a group coming down to La Paz and the Noe Mar, I decided to fly down to La Paz and finish up the boom crutch repair and hopefully have a new bow and stern railing built.

First, the weather was GREAT this time of year, slight breeze and low 80 F. Still, I brought a small AC ($100 US) to the boat and made a trial run with it. Had to clear out a lot of junk to store it in the stern, but I did it. Oh yes, the cardboard defectors look junky, but hey, hopefully we will never need it…and if we do, what more do you want? Looks or cool air?

Carlos, at the Water Works, lined me up with someone to repair the Dodger (I took leather and naugahide with me), Genaro R. is his name. He came and gave me a bid of 500 pesos (cheap) plus another 500 for re-stitching it. I took the dodger off and gave it to him the next day. When it came back, I was disappointed, there were crooked seams and over sewn in places and the new cover of the front rail was wrinkled. This dodger was made by Artful Dodgers of Port Townsend, WA and is top quality. When I return, I hope to have it re-sewn. This fellow has a great reputation, so I am not sure what went on, other than his staff must’ve been in a hurry. Oh well, it fits and is on and ready for the group that is coming in Dec.

Next, Carlos told me I needed the bottom repainted (the diver said the paint was off in places and some wood was exposed). So I hauled it out at Palmara, up the road a few blocks from the Marina de La Paz, where the Noe Mar is moored. I decided to go for broke and purchase Petite’s Trinidad paint ($400 USD/gal). Got the picture? This haul out is going to run around $1,500 USD. However, they did all of the work, I could sleep aboard, and she was back in the water in 2 days.

Meanwhile, we took off the bow and stern railing and had Malcolm (and crew) at CFM machine shop (behind the Quaker State store) start building. The quote was for $1,500 to 1,650 USD. Meanwhile, since the peso is now 12 per USD vs 10 per USD (last month) I withdrew pesos and paid him 16,000 pesos to get the job going. Malcom uses AwlGrip paint and primer for the painting job on the railings, not powder coat. However, he does a great job but is expensive. Hopefully these railings will last another 28 years, like the original ones did.

Had to change my flight home, but it gave me time to install and paint the boom crutch plus make sure the railings were being done correctly. Other than the wrinkles and crooked stitching on the dodger, everything was looking great when I flew home on Thursday.

Might mention that my temporary neighbor had a great boat and they looked after me very well (concerned about an old codger, probably). Barry and his wife Pat were great, as was their 45 ft ketch. I took them out to dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant (since they have no income other than a trust, they live on a true cruiser’s budget) for a thank you note.

Had several people check out the Noe Mar’s interior…and everyone was impressed. Makes me feel good.
I walked the Malceon all the way to the Marina Palmira...about 4 + miles…so I took several pictures of the Malceon of La Paz, so one can get an idea of it (I have the bronze statues pictured elsewhere on this blog). So enjoy it.

When I get back in Dec, 2008, hopefully the railing will be installed and I will hook up the life lines and we will be ready to sail.

See all of you later…hopefully some will come down and go sailing on our old Gaffer (1931)………Skipper Ken


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