Saturday, May 20, 2006

Questions and answers

Well, it has been a month since I posted any new items, or pictures.

I get many, Sean at the Sail Loft in the Wooden Boat School at lower Hadlock...Do you have back up paper charts...did you stop in Oregon several times?

Yes, Sean, I (and thus the crew) carry paper charts, plus Charlies Charts (instructions and way points of most of the harbors on our journey)for the area we are cusing in. In this case the entire West Coast from Canada to the south of Mexico plus Charlies Charts and Cunningham's books on the Sea of Cortez. I might add that I use C-Map NT loaded on both (yes 2) laptops on the Noe Mar. Not only is this safer, but it gives you much more information for any harbour you wish to enter.

No, Sean, we did not stop more than once in Oregon (Coos Bay)...and then we stopped in San Fransico Bay to repair the Boom and then on to San Diego. From there to Turtle Bay in Mexico for fuel (about 1/2 hour and we did NOT dock) stop was Cabo...fuel and water...then on to La Paz....stayed a month and up to San Carlos, Marina Real (pronounced RE Ell...OK?). This is where she is moored currently.

Next...Mary Kohler (Mt. Angel where our company Highland Laboratories is located) said: How can you live in such a small space?

I don't know, but it is really comfortable for me...and hopefully the crew. The Noe Mar is a heavy cruiser and she is easy to rest and relax in, even in heavy seas...or even in 7-8 knots of speed. Very much unlike many lighter larger craft. So, Mary...though it is 1/20 of the space of our home...I enjoy it a lot. I do believe the 1st Mate and all crew members agreed. Of course it is nicer when it is sunny with a good breeze.

Finally, tonight at the Ajax Cafe in Port of the staff you fish a lot?

Meaning, what else would you do on a boat in the Sea of Cortez? we do NOT fish. Yes, my nephew caught a fish and did fish the first leg...but the Noe Mar carries no fishing not licensed to do so in Mexico...nor is the Captain licensed...nor any of the crew that may come aboard. Saves this Scotsman a ton of $$$ and if I wish to get fish...local fishermen will provide us with great fish...every a inexpensive price.

Nope...Ajax staff and owners...I sail because it is a blast. I really enjoy nice warm breezes...the boat swishing through the waves...the noise of down below (the Noe Mar whispers and sings to us all the time). I even enjoy the crash of big waves in heavy wind (she handles 40 knots like most boats handle 20)...I enjoy setting sails and trying to get the last little amount of speed from a 5 knot wind (is 5 knots a wind??? more like a whisper). I guess I am saying she is fun.

Next...where are you going next?

Well, I am 70...I figure I can handle her very well until I am 80...but I do admit I have rotator cuff and need to keep taking Iboprofen and my vitamins...especially E & C...anyone for Glucosomine and Joint solution??? I admit, (for I must) when I look in the mirror each morning, my hair is far greyer than it was a year face is more "weathered" (shall we say?)...and my back is stiffer. OK...but my spirts are great...I can still jog some...etc. So, I do think I can do just fine to Hawaii and then? Sitka??? Not sure...but I do like the Ajax, so that might be worth comming back to moor around Port Hadlock. Good food and good people.

If I have some takers to Hawaii...or just sailing the Sea of Cortez...attach a comment to this blog with your e-mail or phone # and we'll touch base quickly :)

See all of you soon............Skipper of the Noe Mar........Ken


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