Friday, March 31, 2006

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet (we keep asking)...nope, we should be in San Carlos slightly after midnight today, Friday, March 31.

Currently we are 26 deg 41.6 minutes N and 110 deg 49.7 min W....the local time is 11:34 AM.

David fixed freeze dried lasagna last night, chopped up a bunch of garlic, mixed it with butter and heated the bread in the oven. Seems he learned how not to light the top burner...soot every where. I woke up and shut it down. Other than cleaning up this morning...all is OK. I liked his bread...not sure about freeze dried anything.

Stove: my stove is a Taylor kerosene unit with primus burners (new). It must be preheated with alcohol...then when the alcohol flame goes out, you must strike a match or lighter and then, and only then, turn on the burner slightly. If you reverse this burn a lot of kerosene...yellow flame and soot everywhere. Reason why a kerosene and efficiency. Propane stoves are easy to use, and the odorless/colorless gas is heavier than air...thus you must have shut off valves and siffers to be safe. Plus the canister has to be on deck somewhere...and so it goes. Women love Propane due to it's ease. I prefer Kerosene due to it's simplicity in plumbing, safety, and it creates less moisture in the boat. It also puts out more BTU's. I suppose I should name my Taylor...Baron...for my first Doberman...a one man's dog and a mean sucker if you do things wrong. That is the Taylor. If anyone wishes to see one or locate one...respond to my blog and I'll fill you in. By the my old Dobbie...the stove is black and beautiful.

Wind? What wind...? When we have it is on the nose...but most the time we don't have enough to speak about...currently we have "0" knots.

Dave is busy reading true accounts of sailing written by the Pirates of old....not sure about that kid (he is only 45 going on 46) and listening to his super I-POD.

Me? I am busy bumping my head into "knees" of the cabin deck....yes, it hurts and does bleed........OH well...maybe I'll become a "Pirate" and wear the wound as a badge of honor.

Are we there yet??? Nope...I didn't write that much...enjoy and pictures will be forth comming.

Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar.................Ken


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