Friday, March 31, 2006


Today is Thursday, March 30, 2006...our current position is: 24 deg 38.84 min N (Latitude) and 110 deg 27.18 W (Longitude).

My crew is my son, David (now pronounce his name y espanol)and that is all. We have about 2 days to go to make our port of
San Carlos, SON, Mx.

Last night we had winds up to 12-15 knots in La Paz...this morning (after I got fuel and we cast off)@ 6:30 AM we found ourselves with the proverbial winds...aka light to none. If we would've left in the evening...we could've got some good sailing...but it made sense to have one last meal on shore.

Sorry to diverse from the sailing subject...but our last meal on shore in La Paz was a kick. Seems a restaurant close to the down town marina (Marina de la Paz) hosts norte americano crusiers. They had their own band...everyone sat together (we met a couple from Utah)...drank tons of cervesa and ate Italian food. Yes, it was a kick and fun. Not many locals, except for a couple women looking for ????

We vary in speed over the land from 6.2 knots to 5 knots, we have the sails up but the wind is on our nose...may have to do some tacking...I am watching the wind. I downloaded the currents so we will know if we have current with us or against us (should be with us 80% of the way).

I will check in tomorrow before Pat leaves for San Carlos (my son-in-law who is posting these blogs when I am at sea).

Hasta luego mi amigos...and yes...I do miss all of you.

Skipper of the s/v Noe Mar....................Ken


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