Friday, April 07, 2006

San Carlos, SON, Mx

Dave and I motored into Caleta la Posada bay around 2 AM (local time) on March 31, 2006. Well, we thought it was Caleta la Posada bay....but instead, it appeared smaller and bright lights were in my eyes. Seems we were in the middle of a disco band playing at a resort area in Sangrila Coves...I quickly turned around and motored out of it. How could anyone sleep with those lights and noise. As I motored back to get into the next bay (with David, my son, on the bow sprit with a light), I get a yell...ROCKS...I hit reverse as he still yelled at the top of his lungs. Did I mention there was no moon and though there were a few stars...well, the lights of the disco blinded everyone. We missed the rocks...both Dave and I were sweating profusly.

We have anchored @ 27 deg 57.745 min N and 111 deg 02.845 min W. Turned off the engine...made sure the anchor was set correctly and went to sleep.

Tomorrow the family would fly in...we have done it.

On April 1, I got up @ 7 and brought up the anchor and motored out of the bay. Went to the fuel dock in San Carlos Marina (7 foot depth...drove my depth sounder nuts).
We filled up with diesel and headed out around the mountain, Tetas de Cabra, (look
tetas and cabra up in your espanol dictionary)to Marina Real. Called on VHF and found our slip.

Watch out for Mexican paper work...apparently we have NOT checked our boat into the country of Mexico...another $50 USD or have the San Carlos Marina do it for $100 USD (they drive to Guyamas and run the gauntlet for you). This will register the Noe Mar in Mexico for 10 years. OK, I should be out of here by then.

The picture is of my son, David, reading his book (none of this "the World is Flat" stuff...rather old economic facts of the sea :) and one of the Capitian resigned to NO WIND. However, you will notice, that once we got here and sailed out into the Sea of Cortez...there is wind...lots of it up here.

Currently the Noe Mar is anchored in 16 ft of water with 60 ft of chain out in the bay of Ensenada San Francisco in San Carlos...27 deg 57.673 min N and 111 deg 01.0854 min W. The bottom is sand and she held with 30 knots of wind the other night.

We will leave the Noe Mar home Tuesday and pay for a years moorage.

Need to come down and repaint...bottom and top...hopefully have fun sailing here and then plan our next voyage within 2007. Wish us luck.

Hasta luego mi amigos...........Skipper of the Noe Mar..........Ken Scott


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