Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vacation with Candy

NoeMar's sailing trips
Hi Everyone,

Thought I would give you all an update on our adventure. This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

We headed out as planned on Monday and discovered our engine was overheating. The wind was light so I had trouble controlling the rudder – no speed. Ken was down below trying to figure out what was happening with the engine. We had a fair amount of wave action so were really rocking and rolling. Headed North but barely moving and in my estimation every rock was trying to reach out and get us. The swearing continued as Ken discovered the impeller was smashed and therefore little water was moving through the engine to cool it. He had a new impeller on board and proceeded to change it. With the boat moving all over the place it was difficult and he lost a screw down the bilge. The gasket did not seal well and the engine was not being cooled.

I suggested we head south to San Carlos where we were familiar with the area and could get to a Marine store should we need one. Ken by default agreed because by this time he wasn’t feeling well. At around sunset we reached a spot we anchored in last year. It felt good to get out of the sun. Unfortunately the calm did not last long. At about 2:00 am the surf was rolling, the wind was blowing and we were bounced every which way. I keep waking up fearful we were dragging our anchor. Ken snored through much of the night.

The next morning Ken assessed the situation and decided we needed to launch the dingy and head for the marine store for screws. We were dragging our anchor but in a rather circular motion so we had some time. It was dicey going to shore but we managed until the last wave. Yes, we landed in the water (warm water). Wet we walked to the marine store, stopped and got an ice cream cone (the only food for about 12 hours) and made our way back to the beach. The waves had picked up and were breaking close to shore.

I spent a lot of my teenage years around the water in Santa Cruz. My dad and I would take our canoe out through the surf. You had to be fast, get your rear end in the boat and paddle like crazy to keep the waves from breaking over the top of you. I remember a day a few of us got together and decided to launch a rubber raft the same way. After being drug through the sand, overturned and pounded about four times we made it out. I never did find my tennis shoes and was sure half of the sand on the beach was in my bathing suit.

So here Ken and I are with a very heavy old dingy trying to get back to our boat. We have oars, a small outboard, bigger rear ends than we use to have and less muscle. This insanity lasted through 5 or 6 tries. Twice the boat capsized and I landed under it. The last time I suggested Ken get in the boat and I push him out. It looked like it was working and I turned away to walk out of the surf and then turned to see Ken and the boat coming back at me. I was done! My suggestion was we go back to the marina and get a ride to the boat. Ken was hesitant – Ken is stubborn – Ken was mad.

We talked to the ice cream man and he found a fellow to give us a ride out to the boat. Ken kept thinking of ways we could go back with our raft and get the dingy. My eyes and mind glazed over.

About twenty minutes passed as the man did some maintenance to his outboard and then we headed out. As we got the closer to our boat the man got more excited. He motioned a lot and said a bunch of words – none of which we understood – except playa. Fear is a universal language – we needed to get out of where we were quickly! Our anchor was dragging and it was not a good anchorage under current conditions.

Ken took the impeller out put a new gasket in and tightened it all together. Still not getting any water flow through the exhaust and we needed to move. We took up the anchor and 100ft of chain. Started the engine to get out and began sailing back to our dock. Again the wind was behind us and not strong. The waves were rolling and we weren’t making any time without our mainsail. Ken put the mainsail up and I tried to stay out of the sun. By sunset we made it back to the entrance of Marina Real. Turned on the engine and Ken nicely docked the boat.

When the engine overheated it melted a hose and fitting – have to order it – takes two week
s. No more sailing.

I’ve been reading, doing laundry, a little judoka and healing all the bruises on my right side. Feel like I’ve been run over by a wooden dingy.



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